Holism works on the understanding of how body, mind and emotions are all expressions of one state, or individual experiences of life. Each person has a different experience of life and therefore expresses their dis-ease or experience of being unwell differently. Holism treats this individual state rather than the pathology or diagnosed illness. The use of a homeopathic remedy helps the individual's organism to recognize it's own disease state and to restore balance and strength allowing for the organism's innate capacity for restoring wellness. It is a truly holistic medicine recognizing the individual as a whole movement or organism and treating that whole movement, rather seeing and treating it in parts.

Through its extensive repertory of different remedy states, homeopathy has the potential to address in a finely tuned way any kind of imbalance, or state, in an extremely individualized way. It is possibly the most finely tuned instrument of intervention available to an individual, and requires that the practitioner understands fully the complexities of the human being's consciousness and emotions and their relationship to their state along with the dynamic processes that contribute to both dis-ease and wellness.

The challenge for the homeopath is in listening, without judgement or prejudice, to the state of the individual fully in order to be able to understand the dynamic of that particular and individual state of dis-ease. Once the homeopath can hear the full expression of that patient then they are able to select the remedy that is most similar to that expression and state.

The homeopathic remedy operates as a sort of "tuning fork" for the organism. It will resonate with the imbalance in the individual triggering the organism to find come back into balance, and therefore to health. Because homeopathy acts on the whole person, when a similimum (best match) remedy is selected we see changes in the whole individual, in relation to their initial complaint, but also in every aspect of their lives, and on every level of their being, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Kate is a graduate of, and a member of the faculty of MICH (Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy) and works with the MICH method. This is a Classical, Hahnemannian (founder of homeopathy) and Unicist (one remedy) approach working with a therapeutic process which helps the individual to recognize and bring consciousness to every level of their state.  Most MICH homeopathic patients express that they feel listened to and understood and that they have had some insight into themselves and their own movement, through this process.

For more information on homeopathy please see the MICH website at www.homeopathymontreal.com.


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